About Me...

My name is Keating Clark Helms. I am a senior at the University of South Alabama. I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. I hope to graduate this May and then pursue an alternate masters in Special Education. I hope that in the near future I will be teaching and coaching football on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In my free time I like to hang out with my family and friends. I also like working with the youth.

Being hands on

I am going to be a hands on teacher. I am going to show my students that I am not just making them do busy work. I want to urge a sense of competition in the classroom. I want to challenge my students to be better than me. Write a better paper than me or even teach the class better than me. I want to give my students the opportunity to succeed in the classroom.

Positive Attitude

Have a positive attitude when entering the classroom. Leave the personal life at home. When I am in the classroom I want to give my undivided attention to those students. They are tomorrows leaders so I want to treat them like tomorrows leaders. If I show disgust in having to teach a lesson then the students aren't going to want to listen to that particular lesson. Make an effort to keep a positive attitude.

Keeping an open mind

No one is ever going to like everyone they encounter. Being a teacher means that you have to keep an open mind towards everyone. Don't be bias when it comes to helping students. Give every student the same respect and also listen to what they have to say. The key to being a good teacher is keeping the line of communication open. Once that line has been closed the title of "teacher" becomes worthless.

Learn before you teach

Teachers are only as good as they are learners. It is imperative that when I become a teacher I must learn then teach. If I don't understand what is going on then my students with never know what is going on. It is that that the best leaders are the best followers. Well I want to be the best follower I can be so that one day others and follow in my footsteps.

Technology in the classroom

Technology is here to stay. We all have to get used to it. It is a good thing though because technology is also here to help us learn/teach. I would like to have a Smart Board in my classroom when I being teaching. I would also like to have a "Green" classroom. Why waste paper when what we want is right in front of us? I have begun to embrace technology because that is what our future students are going to be working with.

Burp back at Burp back

I am a strong believe in new teaching methods. Today's young minds are programmed differently than 20 years ago. I want to be that teacher who has a new and interesting lesson each week. I don't want to sit there and read from books that nobody cares about. Students need that excitement in the classroom because excitement is all around us. Why leave excitement at home when it is one of the best learning tools? Think about it...